About Varna

Varna is a city fit for festivals, and known as the summer capital of our country Bulgaria.  Therefore, we at Varna Folk are proud to announce that Varna is a candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2019.  The International Folk Festival has been held annually for 21 years so far.  The main organizer of the Festival is the Municipality of Varna, the Society of Choreographer – Varna and Shumen University – Varna.  In August, this special festival has succeeded in a time of dynamic changes of values, in order to preserve and present the rich palette of Bulgaria’s national and world folklore heritage.  In Varna, our arts and performances presented are a tribute to our own heritage, but to the opportunity for peace and spiritual wealth between many nations.

The International Folk Festival was founded in 1992 on the initiative of Varna Municipality. It originally began with only 20 editions, but now we are up to more than 150 folk ensembles have taken part.  This means that over 10 000 participants from 50 countries have performed: Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and another 56 amateur and professional folk ensembles from Bulgaria, among them the ensembles Pirin, Filip Kutev, Trakia, Zagore and Strandzha.  What an amazing set list.  Forget Lollapalooza or something like that; you could sample real variety in folk music from around the world just by visiting Varna.