Modern Storytelling

Storytelling may seem like something only elders, relatives, or old friends do when they decide to have some drinks and kick back.  But even in today’s changing world, storytelling is still a necessary part of all cultures.  Although we may not realize it though, there are many modern forms of storytelling in disguise.

One example is spoken word and poetry jams.  Literature uses the language to express stories as well.  But in the case of spoken word and jams, the experience is supported by performance of the text in a genuine way rather than relying on readers to create the author’s world in their minds.

Spoken word is often performed at open mic events, poetry jams, or even in musical recordings.  You may find that a lot of today’s performers even choose to incorporate rhythm in the speaking of their created lines, setting a refreshing pace.  This is not always the case however; sometimes other factors such as tone and intonation may change more depending on the purpose of the piece.

If you want to experience a taste of storytelling right in your own town before taking that next step to seeing Varna, Bulgaria we highly recommend this slice of modern storytelling.


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