Varna Travel for Beginners

Many travelers, especially from the United States, do not include Bulgaria on their list of places to go when they visit Europe.  It really is a shame though because Varna has so much to offer:  the International Folklore Festival (of course,) lots of hiking, beautiful ocean views, and several museums.

A very solid piece of advice we would give someone just for a little insurance, is to become more familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet before the trip.  Although Varna, Bulgaria is the third largest city and English speakers will be more plentiful than smaller areas, it is much easier to be able to read signs and maps on your own.

Getting into Bulgaria is not too difficult, and people are friendly as long as you are respectful.  Many countries do not require a travel visa to enter Bulgaria (in fact the list is so long, it would take a whole page.)  Varna is actually the only city in Bulgaria that is a cruise destination.  Imagine spending your cruise with a little more quiet and calm than you could ever get back home.

This summer vacation, consider getting more cultured in a completely unfamiliar place.  In August, Varna will be the center of folklore, art, and beautiful scenery.  Rather than going to a tourist trap filled with fanny packs and jacked prices, you can enjoy what this fine city has to offer.



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